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Bookmarks made from old book spines.

To me this is like showing off fingers from the dead. So sad.

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Father Ted Torralba - churches are the centre of culture and thus the centre of our identity. The earthquake of the 15th October, 2013 in Bohol (Philippines) destroyed centuries old limestone churches and buildings.

Not only built heritage was impacted from the disaster, but also the movable culture material within churches in Bohol (declared the cultural capital of the Philippines). These included decorative and symbolic objects such as the sacred host, archival material and manuscripts, ceiling paintings (kisame) and historic pipe organs.

Father Ted Torralba discuses that the repair of built heritage is guided by biblically inspired principles from scripture. Alternate churches are proposed with three circular designs that reflect the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Father Ted explains the role of churches in providing faith and protecting culture in community. The physical, spiritual and metaphysical understanding of the dwelling place of God that is the church must be considered within conservation treatment and decision making. - Meg Ellis

If your not already, tune into ICOMCC.

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I was called to a local church to look at a mold issue. They were only worried about the plaster and I pointed out these three paintings that were literally dripping with condensation. The poor over looked panels are warped and heavily molded. Ed and I removed them and put them in a plastic make shift tent on racks with descant. Once they dry out I will vacuum what I can then send them off to a paintings conservator.   

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Had an bronze pour with my Girl Scout troop today. It was awesome, the girls had do much fun. My wife their science teacher walked them through the entire process. Talk about applied STEAM!

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As some of you know I am a Girl Scout leader, I lead a Cadette Troop and love it. We have just started back and I have missed all my girls. We had an event today and I saw one of the girls write this on the table (we had art paper on the tables). I am so proud of these girls!

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Unknown to me, someone put this on the passenger door handle of my truck. Is this a message to fellow passengers? Is this a comment about my driving?

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Working on the FTIR today, the focusing laser has died and we are working to get a new one.

Dear equipment manufacturers,
Please put the serial # on the front of the instrument. Having to get the # off the back or the bottom sucks!

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remember. always remember.

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Art Conservation at the University of Delaware : Kress

Fantastic new resource from UD_ArtCons and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation: The Kress Reconstruction Project! Check it out!

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