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2014 - Ukraine - Desperate Pro-Russian Rebels Fire Up WW2 Stalin Tank in Kostyantynivka - 6/6/14

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My intern prepared marble stone samples for her study. Picture 1. (She is looking at the use of medical chelating agents to remove metallic staining from marble.) I was taking them home to place in a humidity chamber I constructed. Picture 2. I was stopped by coworkers four time getting out of the building to see if I was carrying cookies. I guess we should stop using bakeware to hold samples. All I could think of the rest of the day was the Rockbiter.   

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Just took a short walk through American Cemetery and saw this beauty.

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City Cemetery #1, San Antonio, Texas. Love this portrait.

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Just picked 5 pounds of figs from one of our two trees. Making 13 pints of preserves. Baking fig newtons tomorrow. I love how awesome my wife is.

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Big Congratulations to Bernie Wrightson on being inducted into the Eisner Hall of Fame! 

I can’t think of a person more deserving of this honor. Great artist, great collaborator, great friend. Congratulations, Bernie! 

I was able to meet him this year at Hero Con such a nice guy.

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Tree Rats

I have had squirrel troubles for awhile now. They have trashed my workshop eaten through walls and wiring. I caught several in traps and released them across town. It has not made a dent. Today one attacked Lola my chihuahua. That was the final straw, game on squirrels game on.

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Relics stolen from Congressional Cemetery by satanic cult finally returned

It is nice to see a positive story about cemeteries.

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Was going through old pictures for work and ran across this on from Alexandria National Cemetery. I remember seeing this stone years ago and feeling an empty sadness for the deceased. I guess we do not know any more about Cotton now then when he was alive.