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Some of the amazing iron work in Silver Terrace Cemetery, Virginia City, Nevada.

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Working in Silver Terrace Cemetery many years ago. Look at that background. How could you not love this place?

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An awesome wooden grave surround at the Silver Terrace Cemetery, Virginia City, Nevada. It has ground glass in the paint so it sparks in the sun.

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Gold Hill Cemetery in Virginia City, Nevada. Love all of the great original wooden surrounds.

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St. Mary’s in the Mountains, Virginia City, Nevada.

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My intern was just talking about some work she is doing in Reno, NV. I was suggesting that she pop over to Virginia City, NV. Why…because it is one of the most awesome towns ever! I love this town, it’s people, buildings, cemeteries, food…..

So since I am stuck in my office for the week. I will make myself happy by posting past field work pictures. 

Here is the awesome Piper Opera House.

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I’m obsessed with this tomb at the Cimetière de Montmartre. We need more gloriously gothic graveyards here in America.


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I may regret this later but I just enrolled in a graduate program. I have been out of school for awhile so it is going to take some adjustment. Wish me luck.

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I have spent the last two Fridays skipping the office to work with my dad. We are turning one side of my garage into an art room for the girls. After having to do major structural rehab on a termite damaged joist system and sill plate. It is coming along well.

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Digital Insurance: E-Book backup by Jesse England

Life in the cloud can have its consequences. Remember back in 2009 when Amazon unilaterally decided to remove copies of George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm from customers Kindles due to a copyright issue. And what if we suffer a prolonged power outage? Or god forbid the Kindle becomes obsolete?

How will ever be able to access our ebooks?

Thanks to Jesse England and his E-Book Backup project we now have an insurance policy.

Says England of the project:

E-book backup is a physical, tangible, human readable copy of an electronically stored novel. The purchased contents of an e-book reader were easily photocopied and clip-bound to create a shelf-stable backup for the benefit of me, the book consumer. I can keep it on my bookshelf without worry of remote recall. A second hardcover backup has been made with the help of an online self-publishing house.

Oh, and England reminds us, “The backup is best viewed in paper format.”

E-Book backup : Jesse England.

Copying an eBook from Cover to Cover |  Hyperallgic

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I just don’t know if I want to laugh or cry. Can I start calling my book shelves “back up ebook servers”?