Posted 10 hours ago

I just set up the new Melting Point Apparatus. Still not sure why we needed it but scientists ordered it. Looks like I will be learning a new instrument.

Posted 1 day ago

Hello out there.

  1. A few of you have emailed me lately, it is really great talking to you all. Feel free to say hello anytime. Any questions? Photo requests?
Posted 1 day ago

I’m not saying that I can’t work without Mt. Dew. Let’s just say I rarely work without it.

Posted 1 day ago

This was Sunday’s work. Almost finished with the hardest job I have ever done. This is the box vault that tried to kill me a couple of years ago. The grave caved in with me onto of it. Have to get it finished and behind me.

Posted 1 day ago

Death Becomes Her | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This looks like such a great exhibit.

Posted 1 day ago

Conservation and social media, what do you think?


Hello dear followers.

I am curious, and would like to get some feedback about something for an article I’m thinking about writing. Mostly, I want to know what you think of conservators and the portrayal of conservation/preservation on social media sites like this here Tumblr.

So I have a little…

Posted 3 days ago

Pictures of the perimeter wall at Chalmette National Cemetery.

Posted 4 days ago

Finished rebuilding the center of two columns that were struck by lightning. I will have to return soon to finish the caps of both columns. Excited for an reason to return to Chalmette.

Posted 4 days ago

It’s snowing in Louisiana… no wait, that is just cotton in the fields.

Posted 6 days ago

by ctophermac:


The second of my five posters for Strand Book Store celebrating Banned Books Week! This piece was inspired by the powerful street posters from the Paris 1968 uprising.